Markets & Uses

Uses for Global Data Broadcast are limited only by the user's imagination. GDB is well suited to a wide variety of vertically integrated market segments. The common theme of GDB is the ability to reach a user base with the same information, anywhere on the planet.


Potential Uses

Uses for GDB include:

Streaming User Services such as Weather, Traffic, Sports Scores, Stock Tickers, and Social Media.

Official Safety Notifications, Emergency Notification Services, Weather warnings (tornado, tsunami).

Data to Globally Distributed User Groups such as multi-national companies or diplomatic operations of a country.

Data to user groups in infrastructure-challenged areas.

Alternative to Private broadcast radio networks.

National, State and Local Governments for communications and control over large remote areas.

International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for communications and control.

Providing Customer Service to remote users such as updates to customers on your products or services or database and software upgrades.


Vertical Markets

Potential vertical markets for GDB include:








Application Notes

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