About Global Data Broadcast

Global Reach

Global Data Broadcast provides satellite based data delivery to anywhere on or above Earth. Data is broadcast (one-way) to single or multiple areas of your choosing. The coverage area for a broadcast ranges from an area about the size of a single US state - or European country - up to the entire planet. Data messages can also be delivered to disjoint areas as well (for example metropolitan areas on several continents).

Sent to the Right Users

You can broadcast data to one user or a whole group of users. The total number of users in a group is virtually unlimited. The individual user terminals can be members of many groups at the same time.

Any Type of Data

The data transport is application independent. Data arrives at GDB terminals exactly as it was sent. The data can be of any type, text, binary, encoded, etc. Essentially, GDB provides a bit-pipe between you and your users.

The Global Data Broadcast signal is easily received. The service has a very high broadcast power level and the signal is pervasive outdoors and also penetrates structures. Buildings with large amounts of structural metal or a metal roof may attenuate the broadcast signal.

A single GDB message can be up to 10 Megabytes in size. The typical user will send messages that are only a few bytes to a few Kilobytes.

Data delivery rates vary with system load and capacity and range from a few kilobytes an hour to about a megabyte per hour.

Global Groups - Regional Content

It is also possible to broadcast regional content to a user group. Group users in different geographic locations would receive the regional content sent to that area, without receiving unnecessary content from other regional areas. This allows the same group of users to receive different data as they move from one delivery region to another. For example your users in Europe can get different data from your users in Japan. Best of all, you don’t need to know which region the users are located in. They receive the correct regional content simply by being in that region. You don’t have to manage the locations and content for every individual user.