Global Data Broadcast (GDB) is a new satellite-based wireless broadcast service that enables delivery of your data to users anywhere on Earth. GDB features easily received high-power transmissions, pole-to-pole coverage, rapid delivery, very small low-power terminals, broadcast groups, and regionalized delivery. Please explore this site to learn more about this revolutionary service.


Imagine being able to effectively deliver important content to any of your users anywhere on or above the entire planet, without needing to know their location. With Global Data Broadcast these dreams are reality.

The GDB service allows data providers – whether they are commercial content providers, closed user groups, multi-national corporations, non-governmental organizations, or nations - to reach an unlimited number of subscribers quickly and efficiently. Any type of digital data can be delivered to discrete locations, single and/or multiple non-contiguous regions, or globally. Users can be part of one or more broadcast groups and receive multiple subscriber services simultaneously.

GDB is robust, offering a very strong signal and an average delivery latency of about 15 seconds.

GDB terminals are small, energy efficient, and provide a standard interface to the user’s equipment that can be easily integrated within a wide range of applications and platforms.


GDB is available now!

End User Devices and Terminals are available. Click Here for more information.

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