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Iridium SBD/Burst(SM) Application Certification 

Like all satellite-based system, the Iridium system has a finite amount of resources available. In order to ensure that these resources are used efficiently and economically, Iridium requests that all applications be certified.


The steps to developing and certifying an application are easy and will save you time, money, effort and aggravation. Here is the process to develop and certify an application:


1)     Contact Celestech regarding your application. In order to gain access to the technical details about developing Iridium applications you will need to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

2)     Develop a prototype of the application for certification testing. Celestech can help you with this process by providing advice, expertise, software development services, or demonstration units and service under certain circumstances.

3)     Have the application certification tested. Celestech will coordinate the certification testing process.

4)     Field your application


Starting with a certified platform such as our TS-IRIDIUM board and API can help this process along as they are already certified by Iridium. Please note that failure to follow this process may result in your terminal equipment being shut off.



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